A.235 Gunther: In relation to ad valorem levies and special assessments on tax exempt real property

Published on January 27th, 2017

Memorandum of Opposition

The above-referenced bill would subject the thousands of not-for-profit institutions across New York to ad valorem levies and special assessments for fire protection services.

The New York State Catholic Conference opposes this legislation.

While we recognize the difficult fiscal situation in New York State and the need for fire services, ad valorem levies and special assessments would threaten the very fabric and well-being of our communities by targeting the not-for-profit sector, the millions of families they serve on a daily basis, and the common benefits of environmental stewardship afforded by not-for-profits for current and future generations.

In addition, not-for-profits are dealing with already difficult financial situations; levies and special assessments may force some not-for profit providers to eliminate programs, close facilities and curtail services. This would burden state and local finances and increase public costs, as the state and local governments would be compelled to assume the lost services now provided by the not-for-profit community.

For all of the above-stated reasons, the Catholic Conference opposes this legislation and urges that it be defeated.

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