Statement of Bishop Hubbard on death of Gov. Carey

Published on August 8th, 2011

Albany Bishop Howard Hubbard comments on the death of Gov. Hugh Carey.

Bishop Howard J. Hubbard, chairman of the New York State Catholic Conference’s Public Policy Committee, was ordained Bishop of Albany in 1977, two years after Hugh L. Carey’s election as Governor of New York. On behalf of the Catholic Conference, Bishop Hubbard has released the following statement on the death of Governor Carey yesterday at the age of 92:

“Governor Hugh L. Carey was a superb public servant whose commitment to our nation and state was extraordinary. He demonstrated great vision and courage in confronting the fiscal crisis in New York City in a bipartisan fashion, while at the same time protecting the needs of the most vulnerable in our Empire State: the poor, children, the mentally ill and the elderly.

“The Governor was a role model of faith, integrity and civility in a society where such is needed today so desperately.”

Download a PDF version of the statement here.

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