Abortionist Charged with Murder in Maryland

Published on December 30th, 2011

By Kathleen M. Gallagher

Dr. Steven Brigham … just his name is enough to make me feel sick to my stomach.  But there it was again, this time dampening my holiday season when news broke that he’d been indicted on 10 counts of murder in Maryland.  Authorities had been investigating him for quite some time and found a freezer with 35 dead babies inside, at least one of which was 36 weeks of gestation.  Apparently under Maryland’s fetal homicide law, it’s illegal to abort a viable unborn baby.  (Wow!  And the law is actually enforced!)

Brigham’s name is familiar to us here in New York because we helped drive him away in 1996 when he operated two abortion clinics, “American Women’s Services,” in our state.  In Colonie, just outside the city of Albany, he had callously stored 17 dead babies in a freezer — babies who were eventually cremated and properly buried in nearby Menands, where the pro-life group Citizens Concerned for Human Life faithfully remembers them each and every year with a graveside memorial service.  Authorities in New York were only able to get him on Medicaid fraud and other illegal billing practices, but they took away his medical license and sent him packing.  But he opened up shop again in Pennsylvania, then New Jersey, then Maryland …

Which begs the question: Why is it that the abortion industry stands alone as the only medical practice in which doctors with long and horrific records of gross negligence, incompetence, fraud, suspensions and license revocations are allowed to continue to practice their trade?  In no other health care specialty would such records be tolerated.  This is pro-women?

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