Statement on Assembly vote to expand abortion

Published on June 20th, 2013

unbornFollowing is a statement by Richard E. Barnes, executive director of the New York State Catholic Conference, which represents state’s Catholic Bishops on matters of public policy:

“We are disappointed, though not at all surprised, at the New York State Assembly vote to expand late-term abortion and, as the sponsors finally acknowledged during the floor debate today, to allow non-physicians to perform abortions.

“Abortion is the direct taking of innocent human life. These are babies at the very beginning of their lives who possess the exact same innate human dignity as any one of us, including those members who voted to allow their lives to be extinguished at the hands of abortionists right up until the moment of birth.

“We are extraordinarily grateful to the many members of the Assembly who spoke out on the floor against this evil, and who were forced by the language of the bill to vote against worthy provisions they supported in order protect their conscience regarding the unrelenting killing of babies across this state. Those who stood strong are to be commended.

“We will be informing our 63,000-member Catholic Action Network of the votes of each and every one of the members, for and against the expansion of abortion in New York, the abortion capital of the United States of America.”

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