Bishops disappointed at failure of Albany to deliver Education Investment Tax Credit

Published on March 31st, 2014

Following is a statement of Richard E. Barnes, executive director of the New York State Catholic Conference:

“The Bishops of New York State are extremely disappointed that, despite the support of so many rank-and-file members in the state Legislature from both parties as well as religious, business and labor leaders, the Education Investment Tax Credit has not been included in the state budget agreement.

“Education policy in New York State is broken, as ever more money is poured into the public school system with little to nothing to show in the way of results. This proposal would not have taken a dime from public schools. It would have increased desperately needed private funding to help tuition-paying families, and programming in public schools.  This year’s state budget provided our leaders with a historic opportunity to give thousands of children across the state a chance for a better life through quality education. Today, there are thousands of inner-city and working class families who are understandably angry and who just saw their hopes dashed.

“While we thank those members of the Legislature who fought hard for this proposal, tuition-paying families are counting on them to find a way to get this done.”

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