Development of Comprehensive Care Plans

Published on November 21st, 2011


Require a comprehensive care plan for every nursing home-eligible individual—developed with the participation of the affected individuals and their families—which reflects the full range of human needs, including spiritual fulfillment, and which takes into consideration the availability of institutional and home- and community-based services appropriate to the needs of each such individual.

Conference Position

The Conference supports provision of adequate and appropriate services for our frail elderly and disabled neighbors.  Development of comprehensive care plans will ensure that the services needed by these individuals will take into account the circumstances which define such individuals’ medical, social, and spiritual needs.


Although New York State and its localities perform numerous assessments of the needs of these individuals, such assessments are episodic and their results do not provide a sufficient basis for continuous care planning.  In addition, although New York State and its localities authorize, finance, regulate and provide a vast array of home- and community-based services, the fragmentation of these services and the lack of integration of the funding streams that support them diminish their value for the individuals whom they are intended to benefit.

The needs of individuals who qualify for nursing home care can be most effectively and efficiently met by continuous, comprehensive and integrated services.  These individuals should have access to necessary services of high quality and the dignity of such individuals should be protected.  Comprehensive plans would ensure that the services provided would promote independence consistent with the recipients’ safety, security and highest possible quality of life.

You can download this document, Development of Comprehensive Care Plans, in PDF form.