Full Funding for Academic Intervention Services

Published on November 18th, 2011


The NYS Board of Regents promulgated regulations requiring schools to administer Academic Intervention Services (AIS) to students at risk of not meeting the state’s learning standards and graduation requirements.  AIS is to be provided to students who score in levels 1 and 2 on ELA and Math tests administered in grades 3-8 as well as students who fail to pass Regents’ exams.  Independent and religious schools, unlike their public school counterparts, lack the funds needed to implement the Regents’ AIS regulations.


Provide $20 million to enable independent and religious schools to fully implement with the Regents’ AIS regulations.


Under the academic standards set forth by the Regents, there are elementary and middle school exams designed to determine which students need extra help as they progress to high school.  The Regents require that schools provide Academic Intervention Services to students who score below state-designated performance levels on these tests as well as the Regents’ exams.  The same requirements apply to religious, independent and private schools that choose to award Regents Diplomas to their students.

The cost of complying with the AIS regulation is substantial considering that the services must be provided above and beyond the students’ regular instruction and often requires hiring additional teachers.  Our ability to ensure that each and every student meets the standards and earns a Regents Diploma hinges largely on whether funding will be available to cover the costs of this mandate.  Our students, like government school students, deserve to have these services provided by their own teachers and within their own school.   Anything less places our students at a profound disadvantage.

While public schools use state and federal aid as well as local taxes to provide AIS to their students, independent and religious schools have received less than $1 million annually in state funds to cover this expense.  This amount is far below the $20 million that is needed to enable the approximately 1,200 independent and religious schools that administer the states’ tests to fully implement the AIS regulations.

We urge the Governor and Legislature to provide $20 million to enable independent and religious schools to fully implement the Regents’ Academic Intervention Services requirements.

You can download this document, Full Funding for Academic Intervention Services, in PDF form.