Improved access to affordable transportation

Published on February 1st, 2016


Working individuals and families face significant barriers in accessing affordable and reliable transportation in many parts of the state. This problem is particularly acute in rural areas and at non-peak hours. There is a need to invest in innovative solutions to overcome this significant barrier.

Conference Position

The Council of Catholic Charities Directors supports increased funding for innovative solutions to the transportation problems faced by low- and moderate-income individuals and families.


Many low-income individuals and families face a significant barrier in securing employment and in trying to access basic services such as health care and groceries due to a lack of transportation. In many instances, transportation services are unavailable for inner city residents to travel to the suburbs where there are job openings that go unfilled. In rural areas, the lack of transportation is particularly acute and an even greater barrier to people attempting to secure and maintain employment and access to social services. Transportation problems remain acute, particularly in the evening and late night when many public transportation systems cease operation.

Government has always viewed as one of its essential roles the provision of basic infrastructure to ensure the health and safety of its citizens and to promote commerce. Significant expenditures over the years have created an infrastructure of highways and roads. Maintenance of this infrastructure requires continued attention. The state also needs to invest in an infrastructure of a public transportation system that is affordable and accessible to low- and moderate-income individuals throughout the state.

You can download a copy of Affordable Transportation in PDF form.