Increased Funding to Support Emergency Food Programs

Published on February 1st, 2016


Over the past number of years, a significant rise has occurred in the number of people turning to emergency food programs and pantries.  Many are members of working families who use these pantries to supplement their paychecks and feed their families.  A need for increased funding exists to ensure that the emergency food pantries can provide needed assistance.

Conference Position

The Council of Catholic Charities Directors supports increases in funding to emergency food programs and SNAP outreach efforts.


Among the most basic needs to sustain life is the need for food.  Over the past several years, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of people who rely on emergency food programs to meet this most basic need.  In addition to people who find themselves ineligible for public benefits, or whose benefits are inadequate to meet their monthly bills, increasingly, working families have turned to emergency feeding programs to sustain their families.  Voluntary efforts alone are unable to meet the needs that exist.

More and more people coming for emergency services to Catholic-sponsored agencies are working families.  Significant numbers of people report having gone without food the prior 30 days because they did not have money to purchase food.  Support to emergency food programs needs to be increased to keep pace with the increased demands that are presenting themselves.

Outreach needs to be expanded to make more people aware of SNAP and the nutritional value that could be available to them.

Download Emergency Food Programs in PDF form.