Nourish New York

Published on May 19th, 2021

Memorandum of Support

Update: Passed in both Houses (5/25/21)

Update 2: Delivered to Governor (11/19/21)

Update 3: Signed by Governor (11/20/21)

Re: S4892-A Hinchey / A.5781-A Cruz
In relation to establishing the Nourish New York program

The above-referenced legislation would make Nourish New York, a program introduced to address COVID-19-related food insecurity, a permanent program enshrined in the Agriculture & Markets Law. The New York State Catholic Conference strongly supports this legislation.

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed a tragic level of food insecurity in the State of New York. Food distribution events sponsored by Catholic Charities and others attracted and continue to attract heretofore unseen numbers of people in need of help.

The establishment of the Nourish New York program early in the pandemic has been a true blessing. Nourish New York provides funding to food banks to purchase New York State-produced farm products, which are then made available to neighbors in need through local food pantries and cupboards. The program has been a great success, both to our farms and to the citizens of our state who experience food insecurity.

As the bill language notes, “In the ten months since its inception, Nourish New York has already strengthened the state’s food supply network and expanded markets for New York farm products.”

We support making Nourish New York a permanent program to help people experiencing food insecurity, and our state’s agriculture markets. We urge the passage of this bill.