Down Syndrome Diagnosis Awareness


Down Syndrome Diagnosis Awareness

May 21, 2024

Memorandum of Support

Re: S593-A Ortt/A4138-A McMahon
In relation to Down syndrome diagnosis awareness 

The above-referenced legislation would create a Down syndrome awareness program to provide up-to-date and evidence-based information on Down syndrome to health care providers who order tests for a pregnant woman or infants to screen for Down syndrome. The New York State Catholic Conference supports this legislation. 

Pregnant women and their families need support and resources to thrive, and it is wonderful to see this much-needed initiative brought forth. So often, fetal diagnoses are met with suggestions of termination rather than offerings of compassion and assistance. It is critical that we set women and babies up for the best possible outcomes, and this awareness program is one way to do that. Children with Down syndrome are gifts from God and will thrive given the proper resources. 

This bill is an important step toward building a culture of life in New York State, and we urge you to support it.