Gender-Affirming Care


Gender-Affirming Care

January 25, 2024

Memorandum of Opposition

Re: A8627 Bronson/S8058 Hoylman-Sigal
Defines gender-affirming care for the purposes of certain prohibitions regarding the legal system and gender-affirming care

The above referenced legislation purports to make New York a “haven” for children to receive so-called “gender-affirming care” by prohibiting cooperation with states where such procedures are banned. The New York State Catholic Conference opposes this bill.

New York should not condone the practice of providing irreversible and life-altering medical treatments to children, many of whom would outgrow their desire for them if left alone. The State certainly shouldn’t interfere with other states that are taking action to limit these radical procedures for minors.

Children in this state cannot receive a tattoo, drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. It is wrong to provide them with procedures and drugs that will cause lifelong damage to their bodies. New York should use its decreasing resources to provide for children in need and improve their education and health outcomes instead of passing legislation for the sake of political talking points.