Collection and Publication of Policy-Based Exclusions


Collection and Publication of Policy-Based Exclusions

January 5, 2024

Memorandum of Opposition

Re: S1003-A Hinchey / A733-A Rozic
Relates to providing information to patients and the public on policy-based exclusions

The above referenced bill would require the commissioner of health to collect from each healthcare facility a list of its policy-based exclusions and publish such information on the department’s website. The New York State Catholic Conference is opposed to this legislation.

As part of its unceasing quest to expand and promote abortion to the exclusion of all else, the New York Legislature has of late been targeting Catholic hospitals through rhetoric and legislation. This bill, while careful not to name them specifically, seeks to malign these institutions by publicly shaming them and implying that they provide subpar care.

Catholic hospitals provide compassionate care to all New Yorkers. Waging a campaign to convince the public otherwise would do a disservice to all patients that stand to benefit from their services. Denigrating existing, superb healthcare facilities hardly seems a solution to lack of access to care.

With all the millions of dollars New York continues to pour into abortion services in New York, the legislature should not need to attack upstanding healthcare institutions to advance their goals. We strongly urge you to reject this legislation for the witch hunt that it is.