Maternal Health Care and Birthing Standards Workgroup


Maternal Health Care and Birthing Standards Workgroup

January 22, 2024

Memorandum of Support

Re: S7702-A Webb
Requires the department of health to convene a maternal health care and birthing standards workgroup

The above-referenced bill would require that New York State convene a workgroup to study, evaluate and make recommendations related to the development of maternal health care and birthing standards to ensure that patients receive the highest quality of care. The New York State Catholic Conference supports this legislation.

The recent studies surrounding infant mortality rate are shocking and unacceptable. As a society, we are duty-bound to support the most vulnerable, and women and babies are no exception. New York must step up to the plate to address this crisis immediately. Many factors are contributing to these horrible statistics, and it’s going to take real work to find the right ways to effectively solve this problem. We applaud the sponsors of this bill for envisioning the multi-faceted framework outlined in this bill. If all stakeholders and providers come together and work collaboratively, we can work toward improved outcomes for mothers and their babies.

Moms and babies deserve the best possible care regardless of economic standing, geographic location, race, or culture. New York must fight for statistics better in line with its progressive vision. We encourage you to support this legislation.