Reproductive Freedom and Equity Grant Program


Reproductive Freedom and Equity Grant Program

January 9, 2024

Memorandum of Opposition

Re: S348-C Cleare / A361-B Gonzalez-Rojas
Enacts the reproductive freedom and equity grant program

The above-referenced legislation would establish a grant program to provide funding to New York abortion providers and non-profit organizations to increase access to abortion. The New York State Catholic Conference strongly opposes this bill.

Within the last two years, Governor Hochul unilaterally allocated $35 million dollars to abortion providers across New York State. It was shocking to see such a massive sum dedicated solely to promoting abortion during a time when families are struggling to feed their children and pay their energy bills. Now, this legislation seeks to funnel even more money into the New York abortion industry. The stated goals of the bill even include plans to pay for the abortions of out-of-state women.

The New York legislature continues to present abortion as the only solution to a crisis pregnancy. Instead of focusing on supporting families, women, and children, they are intent on pouring as much money as possible into encouraging women to abort their babies. It is deeply upsetting to think that $35 million dollars for abortion during a cost-of-living crisis wasn’t enough.

Vulnerable and struggling New Yorkers need help. The legislature should allocate millions of dollars to programs that provide women true choice, which they have when they are supported in trying times. We strongly urge you to reject this legislation.