Prescribing Abortion Medication via Telehealth

Published on January 23rd, 2023

Memorandum of Opposition

Re: S.1066-A Mayer
Relates to providing protections to health service providers who perform legally protected health services

The above referenced legislation purports to shield health care practitioners from legal action in other states for prescribing abortion medication via telehealth services. It also prevents medical malpractice insurers from taking adverse action against health care practitioners for providing these services. The New York State Catholic Conference is strongly opposed to this measure.

This bill aims to expand on a package of bills passed last year, which promoted the idea of New York being a “sanctuary” for abortion. Specifically, this bill invites women to access medication abortion from New York via telehealth services. The push for New York to be a practical abortion tourism destination is an insult to the millions of pro-life New Yorkers who happen to reject the practice and don’t want to fund it for women across the country.

The encouragement of abortion to the neglect of all other solutions is harmful to women. This legislation would have women to seek out potent drugs and obtain them after nothing more than a video call. The lack of accountability it promotes, especially when it comes to voiding medical malpractice, is dangerous. The legislature needs to focus on true support for vulnerable women instead of breaking down safeguards on their quest to push abortion by any means necessary.

Access to abortion is not a problem in New York. The legislature need not continue pouring money and resources into its expansion. We strongly urge you to reject this legislation.