Special education needs a shakeup!

Published on February 3rd, 2012

By Jim Cultrara

Michael Benjamin’s OpEd in the NY Post this week, Stop burning NY’s special-ed dollars, calls for a “shake up of New York’s shameful special-education system… with a school-choice program for students with special needs and disabilities. ”  Shameful is right.  Not only because far too many children with special needs are not getting the services they need, but because Mr. Benjamin’s proposed solution is opposed by the very people who are in place to serve these children.   Parents are the ones who bring children into this world and Mr. Benjamin is proposing to empower those parents with the means to direct their children’s education.  Frankly, that’s the way it already is for families with financial means and it should be the way for all families.  It’s a shame that such a proposal seems so radical.  And shame on those who oppose it.

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