Subsidized Child Care for Working Families

Published on February 1st, 2016


New York State needs to make an increased investment to be the significant need for increased access to safe, affordable, quality child care programs for low-income families.

Conference Position

The Council of Catholic Charities Directors supports efforts to expand the availability and use of quality, affordable, subsidized child care opportunities to meet the needs and demands of families transitioning out of public assistance, as well as other low-income families.  The Council recommends a substantial increase in funding for child care in 2016-2017.  Specifically, we call for an investment of $190 million to support:  13,000 new child care subsidies in the upcoming year ($100 million); and to fully fund the new health and safety requirements included in the reauthorization of the federal Child Care Development Block Grant ($90 million).


Many times it is the lack of child care options that keeps responsible parents from joining and/or staying in the workforce.  Statewide, there are 14 localities with childhood poverty rates exceeding 40 percent, and a very high percentage of children in poverty live in female-led homes.  Simply stated, more child care is needed, especially in these locations.

Families w/Female Head of Household and Children Present (% in Poverty)
Location % of Poverty
Bronx 50.0
Rochester 58.5
Syracuse 58.4
Buffalo 53.5
Utica 57.2
Binghamton 55.1
Troy 55.7
Schenectady 58.0
Ithaca 71.7
Newburgh 59.4
Elmira 63.9
Niagara Falls 58.5
Jamestown 57.2
Poughkeepsie 46.1

{Source:  New York State Poverty Report; prepared by the New York State Community Action Association; Issued March 2015.}

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