Sufficient Resources for Teacher Training Programs

Published on November 18th, 2011


No student should ever be denied a quality teacher, and only through a well-prepared teaching force can we expect children to meet higher academic standards and be prepared to live and work in an increasingly complicated and ever-changing world.  In addition, certified teachers are now expected to meet rigorous continuing education requirements.


To ensure that all schools, including independent and religious schools, have the funding they need to provide meaningful and sustained professional development programs and to ensure that teachers meet their continuing education requirements imposed by the Board of Regents.


The demands on today’s teachers are greater than ever especially considering the rigorous state and federal academic standards.  Together with the ever-complicated social challenges facing our children, teachers today require intensive training and continual professional development.

Moreover, the NYS Board of Regents has required certified teachers to obtain continuing education in order to maintain their professional certification.  This requirement applies to all certified teachers, regardless of whether they teach in a traditional public school, charter school or an independent or religious school.

There are more than 2,150 independent and religious schools in New York State that employ some 42,000 classroom teachers.  Most of these teachers are certified and are subject to the Regents’ continuing education requirements.  Moreover, students in independent and religious schools, like their public school counterparts, need and deserve well-trained teachers.

With their limited budgets, school simply cannot provide the sustained training teachers need to address the needs of their students and comply with certification requirements.  The state has a vested interest in providing these resources to enable all children to achieve at the highest possible academic level, regardless of where they attend school. We urge the Legislature and Governor to increase resources for teacher training and to ensure that private, independent and religious schoolteachers have an equal opportunity to participate in teacher training and professional staff development programs.

You can download this document, Sufficient Resources for Teacher Training Programs, in PDF form.