Statement on Passage of Abortion Telehealth Legislation


Statement on Passage of Abortion Telehealth Legislation

June 21, 2023

Following is a statement by Kristen Curran, director of government relations, regarding the legisature’s passage of legislation (A1709, Reyes/S1066-B, Mayer) providing legal protections to health practitioners who prescribe abortion-inducing medication to out-of-state women.

Since Roe v. Wade was overturned, New York has sought to become the abortion capital of the United States. Despite allowing abortion until the moment of birth, the state has spent hundreds of millions of dollars and passed dubious legislation in an effort to present abortion as the best and only choice for mothers in crisis.

This legislation is nothing more than political pandering – eroding standards through which doctors can be held accountable in order to appear progressive on the issue of abortion. New York Should respect the laws of other states, just as other states should respect New York’s.

We continue to stand in solidarity with moms and babies by fighting for true support, in the form of improved maternity care, support for infants, and funding for safety net programs that might make women feel positioned to carry their pregnancies to term.