Bill Memos

Re: A.506 Paulin / S.7 Lanza In relation to the Trafficking Victims Protection and Justice Act

Memorandum of Support

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This legislation, already passed unanimously by the Senate, would increase criminal penalties and facilitate prosecutions of those who buy and sell sex slaves in the human trafficking industry in New York State. The New York State Catholic Conference supports this measure and urges its enactment into law.

Human trafficking is a grave and unacceptable human rights violation of the highest order. It is a horrific crime, often perpetrated against innocent children, most of them female, who are being trafficked for prostitution, pornography and other forms of sexual exploitation. More

S.1976, Golden / A.2551, Cusick: In relation to establishing the Education Investment Tax Credit

Memorandum of Support

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The above-referenced legislation would generate increased funding for education by enhancing tax benefits for charitable donations to public schools and scholarships programs. The New York State Catholic Conference strongly supports these measures and urges enactment.

One of the greatest challenges facing policy makers and educators is the funding of our education system. School officials, whether in the public school sector or the religious and independent school sector, continuously grapple with rising costs, fluctuating state and federal aid, and an unstable economy. As a result of these ever-changing dynamics, valuable educational programs in public schools are often reduced, eliminated or never actually started and there are insufficient scholarships available for families seeking them. More

Senate Bills 1-8: In relation to safeguarding women in NYS law

Memorandum of Support

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The above-referenced bills all passed the Senate unanimously on January 12, 2015. These bills would close various loopholes in current law and make important advancements for women by:

  • assisting victims of domestic violence (S.5 and S.6);
  • ending pregnancy/family discrimination in the workplace (S.4 and S.8);
  • strengthening laws against sex trafficking (S.7);
  • protecting women from sexual harassment (S.2); and
  • safeguarding women from various other forms of discrimination (S.1 and S.3).

The New York State Catholic Conference supports these bills and urges swift approval by the Assembly. More