Religious Liberty

Oppose Efforts to Force Faith-Based Institutions to Provide Procedures Contrary to Their Religious Beliefs


In the 2011 state legislative session, a “bi-partisan pro-choice legislative caucus” was established in New York State primarily to advocate for the “Reproductive Health Act.”  This bill seeks to establish a “fundamental right to privacy” in New York statute to guarantee that abortion and contraception are protected and available.  Such a ‘fundamental right’ could hold ominous consequences for religious health care providers.

Conference Position

Support Comprehensive Conscience Protection for Individuals and Organizations


Current New York State Civil Rights law protects medical personnel who do not wish to be involved in abortion procedures. State regulations protect Catholic hospitals from being compelled to allow abortions in their facilities. But these policies are limited and do not provide adequate protection to individuals or institutions with religious and moral objections to activities/procedures/mandates such as euthanasia, embryo research, assisted reproduction and same-sex “marriage.”

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