Remote Ultrasounds and Fetal Non-Stress Tests

Published on January 9th, 2024

Memorandum of Support

Re: S7690 Webb / A8168 Paulin
Provides Medicaid coverage for remote ultrasound scans and remote fetal non-stress tests 

The above-referenced legislation would ensure that remote ultrasound scans and remote fetal non-stress tests are covered by Medicaid. The New York State Catholic Conference strongly supports this bill.

The recent studies showing an increased infant mortality rate, as well as the United States’ shockingly high maternal mortality rate, are nothing short of a crisis. Women and their families need more support to ensure healthy outcomes for them and their babies. Maternity resources are drying up, and affordability and insurance hurdles prevent many women from accessing the care that they need. This legislation seeks one solution by providing remote care and ensuring that it’s covered by Medicaid.

The ability to remotely access scans and tests will ensure that many more women avail themselves of this vital prenatal care. Removing any barriers to affordability through Medicaid will make it even more accessible. We applaud the sponsors for introducing this bill and encourage all lawmakers to continue working toward healthy outcomes for moms and babies. We urge you to support this legislation.